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Invitation to Case Contributions for our MME Scenario Collection

  • Have you ever experienced, during your work, situations that made you feel morally uncomfortable?
  • Have you been forced by the circumstances to chose between options which did not seem right to you?
  • Have you felt to be confronted with a moral dilemma?

Typically, ethically problematic situations in military medicine and disaster relief operations emerge in the following contexts or can be the result of factors relating to contexts such as:

  • Allocating limited or scarce resources
  • Influence of historical, political, and social factors of the environment
  • Conflicting policies and agendas of other actors
  • Differing norms and expectations with regard to the health care personnel

Have you ever experienced such a problematic situation in your professional life? If so, please share it with our research center and let your experience inspire our work.

We will publish your examples anonymized in our Military Medical Ethics Scenario Collection.

What we would like to hear about: dilemmas experienced

In order to orient our research and our courses to the practical needs and the real-world challenges, we would like to learn from your experience. Let us know what the real dilemmas are in the field and in what kind of situations you most often feel moral stress.

Formal Aspects

The cases should describe the context and the relevant background information on the situation. Anonymization of personal names and names of organizations should already be completed. Names of cities may also be removed or changed, but identifying the country in which the case is set might be pertinent to the context of the case.

Contact/ Send your cases

  • Send your case and identify yourself as the author and name possible co-authors to our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Send your case anonymously without giving any identities via this contact form (click here)

Strict confidentiality about the sender will be kept if you request us to do so.