General Information

LogoCOEMILMEDUnder the auspices of the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM), the ICMM Center of Reference for Education on International Humanitarian Law and Ethics, and the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (COEMED) together with the Chairman of the Health Care Working Group will co-jointly organize a Military Medical Ethics Workshop in Munich, Germany.

The workshop will be held from the 14-16 September 2015 at the Bundeswehr Medical Academy in Munich.

Objective and target audience

The objective of the workshop is the elaboration of an ethical analysis of the role of military medical services in the complex environment of an asymmetric conflict and the rules of the Geneva Convention.

The intended audience for this workshop will be (OF4/5) from NATO and partner members, legal advisors, medical advisors, commanders, medical planners for multinational missions under the NATO, EU or UN mandate but also, academia representatives from different countries around the world. The workshop is open for all member states of ICMM. The number of attendees, who can join military accommodation at Bundeswehr Medical Academy in Munich, is limited to 30 people.

Program and further information

You can dowload the program here. The flyer also contains further information concerning accomodation and the location of the workshop.

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