The ICMM Center of Reference for Education on IHL and Ethics in cooperation with the Medical Services Directorate of the Swiss Armed Forces and the ZH Center for Military Medical Ethics at Zurich University convene their joint

9th Workshop on Military Medical Ethics
19 – 24 May 2019 | Basel (Switzerland)

Ethics of Dealing with Risks in Military Medicine

Topic: Ethics of Dealing with Risks in Military Medicine

Uncertainty and risk are key features of the mission planning phase as well as the working environment of military and humanitarian medical personnel. Risks cannot be avoided during the planning on strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Risk assessment is a risky job itself and relies on uncertain intelligence and predicative models. Ethical questions arise early during planning as risks make it difficult to predict the outcomes and challenges of missions.

On the ground, health care personnel (HCP) have to make decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty as a result of incomplete knowledge, the complexity of the situation, and the kinds of medical intervention needed. During missions, HCP are subject to (at least) two different kinds of risks. They risk being harmed themselves physically or mentally, and they also risk harming others and ethical misconduct. Both risks are reinforced by the uncertainty and duress of the working environment.

Our workshop proposes to analyze the moral and ethical dimensions of risks in military medicine and how they can be taken into account in military and humanitarian medical ethics.

Workshop Program & Report

Lili2018 ProgramCoverThe speakers for the workshop have been selected from the applications received in reply to our call for papers and the program of the workshop is now fixed.

The brochure which you can download below contains the full program and abstracts/ bio notes of all presentations/ speakers.

Workshop Report

Practical Information

Date and Location

Date: 19.-24. May 2019
Location: Congress Center, Basel (Switzerland)

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Workshop organisation

Scientific Coordination

Dr. phil. Daniel Messelken
Lt Col David Winkler, MD, PhD

Organisation & Logistics

Swiss Armed Forces, Medical Services Directorate
ICMM Center of Reference for Education on IHL and Ethics