Chairman/ Directorate

The directorate cooperates closely with the ICMM. The Chairman of the Centre of Reference is elected by the ICMM General Assembly. He leads the Reference Centre and reports to the ICMM Secretary General on a regular basis.
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International LoAC and Ethics Teachers

The experienced group of international teachers is responsible for the teaching in the LoAC and Ethics courses and the development of the course content and material, which is regularly updated.
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Scientific Support Committee

The SSC supports the ICMM Center of Reference by giving advice with regard to the educational objectives and content of the LoAC Reference Course, the Military Medical Ethics Course, and the Military Medical Ethics Workshop. It can also be consulted with regard to research activities. The SSC usually meets once per year.

Logistics Steering Committee

The logistics steering committee is based in Switzerland and supports the directorate with regard to operational matters. It is also responsible for the controlling of the finances and the coordination with the Swiss Armed Forces.